The ultimate beneficiaries of Samutthāna include civilians who have been forcibly detained in dis­placement camps, former detainees, the armed forces, former combatants, former child soldiers, vic­tims of torture, war widows, orphans and anyone suffering from trauma or mental illness.

In order to make effective use of our professional skills and expertise, we liaise directly with mental health practitioners – ie. doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, sociologists, counsellors, NGO staff, lawyers, clergy, teachers, relief workers and community volunteers etc – who in turn work with those who have been traumatised by their experiences. We train and support them to deal with the psychological consequences of the post-war era, improve their skills in mental health work and teach them how to safe-guard their own mental well-being. These groups have been targeted as being the most efficient and cost-effective way of reaching the maximum number of beneficiaries.