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With the expansion of modern technologies, an increasing number of people have been seeing the benefits of online counselling. Some of the evident benefits of e-counselling for many people include the convenience, the range of choices and services provided, and the cost of the services.

Online counselling, once termed alternative therapy, is now becoming a common practice preferred by both clients and therapists (Elleven & Allen, 2004). It has been praised for bridging the gap that existed with traditional face to face therapy around issues such accessibility, convenience, affordability and more.

Seeking help requires strength and courage. Many people feel more comfortable opening up during the online counselling session than in a face-to-face contact with a therapist.

Online counselling today provides a number of holistic healing options. Through a client-therapist relationship built on empathy, integrity and a positive connection, online counselling can help clients overcome a number of concerns.

Some of the challenges people usually seek e-counselling for include anxiety, depression, addictions, abuse, martial or/and family dissonance, eating disorders, trauma rehabilitation, gender identity, LGBTQ challenges, and other mental health issues. Online counselling can help overcome the crisis and regain balance in mental, emotional, and physical health.


Web counselling is easily accessible to all those who wish to use it. Online therapy overcomes barriers that may preclude others from seeking therapy. For example, individuals residing in rural or remote areas where there is no counselling services can benefit from the accessibility of online counselling. Those that are physically disabled or unable to leave their home can also easily access such services with little inconvenience. Those that have visual and hearing impairments can also benefit from such services.


Online therapy is convenient. Both the therapist and the client have the convenience of corresponding with each other at a range of variant times. This style of therapy can take away the hassle of scheduling and setting appointments more common in traditional settings. This also creates an opportunity for the therapist to extend their services to more clients as appointments can be potentially scheduled over 24 hours and reach a larger geographical region.

There are many benefits of online counselling. E-counselling is a time-saving, convenient and accessible form of therapy. It is the therapy within reach from your computer or smartphone at any given time. With our daily life becoming more and more digital, and due to the convenience and availability of online therapy, it can be expected that more people in need will use it on regular basis in near future.

We are happy to provide confidential and accessible online counselling.

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