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Enrich Psychological Wellbeing

Warrior is a project initiated by Samutthana (, as a support system for those who seek help to overcome psychological distress. Which began as an online campaign proceeding to the ‘International Suicide Prevention Day’ on the 10th of September, will continue as an ongoing program to strengthen awareness on suicide prevention and its surrounding factors such as self-harming behaviors and suicidal-ideation. This is developed as a platform for all in-need of psychological support or uplifting, to come fourth and be directed towards recognized professional mental health services. Not only is this open to those who struggle with pain; but also to those who identify the struggles of a loved-one and need assistance to help them. It is important to ascertain that struggles cannot be fought alone and with standardized professional guidance, one can overcome. In order to establish this fact, it is vital that we hear from individuals who have defeated suicide ideations, depression and other psychological illnesses. Regardless of how minor or severe it may have been, your survival story will undoubtedly benefit and help another. So help us reach out to them by sharing your journey towards happiness and delivering the message that ‘They are not Alone’.

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