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“I still look back at my initial experience of volunteering with Samutth?na/UK-SLTG as on eof the most fulfilling and heart-warming experiences in my career. I feel I gained far more from the experience than I could ever hope to offer and also found a passion for teaching and sharing knowledge. This transfer of skills and knowledge is what makes the experience so rewarding. I was inspired by the impact of dedicated individuals and organizations I met during my time in Sri Lanka as well as the far-reaching work of Samutth?na.

My ongoing commitment to the UK-SLTG of course stems from my commitment Samutth?na. It is hard to describe Samutth?naas as it is such a special organization, an energetic warm hub where mental health knowledge and skills can be shared. Simply put, Samutth?na is my Sri Lankan home and Samutth?na team are my Sri Lankan family. Since my initial visit, it has been exciting to see Samutth?na grow and develop new projects. The number of qualified psychologists in the country has more than doubled and a key reason for this is the development of the MPhil course of which UKSLTG was instrumental in setting up and Samutth?na volunteers have provided ongoing support to help provide training on the course.”

Dr Laura Kemmis

“I have been a resource person to Samutth?na since 2016; Samutth?na has bridged several uncharted waters in the psycho-social landscape of Sri Lanka. There has also been tremendous work done in bringing awareness to stigma both in mental illness and the ethnic context in this multi-ethnic, diverse society, bringing resolution and helping add a multicultural value system through the involvement of SL volunteers, foreign experts etc. This has lead to novel dimensions of thinking, reflection and targeted activities to curb growing issues in the field of mental health, standing on  the shoulders of giants like ‘The King’s College London’ and the Institute of Psychiatry at Maudsley.

Having trained in UK, Sri Lanka, Nothern Ireland and Australia, I have no words to describe Samutth?na’s formidable input to Sri Lankan society. It is my pleasure to convey my sincere gratitude to Samutth?na for giving me this opportunity to get involved in their work and training.”

Dr Ravimal Galappaththi     

I have had the great opportunity to intern at Samutth?na for the past six months. I was able to use my theoretical knowledge and apply it practically in various settings. We were also given the exposure to develop and deliver a valuable skill set. It was a great experience working with various target groups including survivors of floods, both adults and children.

I was able to gain extensive knowledge about various topics such as ethics at work, dealing with clients’ addictions, counselling and working with children. We had several training sessions conducted in Colombo as well as in other regions of Sri Lanka. This fascinating experience enabled me to reflect on my work personally and professionally and grow over the last six months. My time at Samutth?na is helped mature me in so many ways and has truly encouraged me to be an aspiring psychologist in the future. For this, and for so much more, I would like to extend my heartiest thanks to the Samutth?na team.

Theja Jayasinghe

” Growing up in London as a child of Sri Lankan asylum seekers meant that, until I enrolled in the SLV programme, I had only learnt about the complex history of my country of origin through my parents’ tales and stories. Actually working in Sri Lanka I a diverse range of educational, social welfare and psychiatric settings has allowed me to not only experience firsthand the narratives of my parents, but also come to acknowledge the invaluable contribution Samutth?na makes towards enriching psychological and social welfare of so many individuals in developing Asian countries. Behind the pristine beaches and immaculate landmarks and temples, lies a complex history of cultural challenges and historical events that have led to many individuals needing the vital help voluntary organizations such as Samutth?na provide. Gradually, through the work of many brave and passionate individuals, the approach to bettering the psychological welfare of the population is becoming more in line with modern practice and I am immensely proud to be able to continue that same effort to this day. Although each day presents its own trials  and tribulations both in and out of work, I feel such experiences will be monumental in both helping to develop as an individual and pursuing my goals to work in a similar field of psychology one day, hopefully back in Sri Lanka, and for that reason I will be eternally grateful for the opportunities that Samutth?na has so passionately provided for students such as myself. “

Viknesh Jeevachandran       

” A huge thank you to Samutth?na for their warm welcome and for allowing me to work alongside with them. It was truly an amazing experience, meeting clients and trainees that Samutth?na works with, particularly in Kilinochchi in the North of Sri Lanka. This exposure highlighted what a significant role you take in their lives and the importance of the work you all do. Keep up the good work and I’ll be seeing you again soon! 

Nibarna Kannathasan  

” My internship at “Samutthana” was a great experience that allowed me to understand the psychology field and expectations that come with it. The knowledge I gained and experiences I had were highly beneficial for me as a psychologist. They were very supportive and friendly during my internship and I learned a lot of things related to my field from supervisors and they were willing to share their knowledge with me so I would get the most out of my time with them. I was very fortunate to be an intern at “Samuththana” and 3 months of “Samuththana” internship program is great for students to get experience in the psychology field. The internship is not only beneficial for the knowledge that you obtain but also the networking aspect of meeting real professionals in the field. The internship program is a great bridge for graduating students into the psychology field.

Hansi Jayawickrama