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Dear Future Interns…..

During your three month internship at Samutthana, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive and individualized psychosocial skills training with appropriate exposure to various mental health services that would enhance and diversify your theoretical knowledge and understandings of Psychology.  


  • Encouragement to articulate your theoretical understanding about problems in human behaviour and their therapeutic treatment.
  • Induce respect and appreciation for individual and group differences.
  • Instil a higher level of understanding of ethical principles and its integration into mental health practice.


Our Unique Internship Programme:

Samutthana offers a comprehensive psychosocial Internship for three months with exceptional opportunities to gain first-hand experience on various aspects pertaining to therapy, education and rehabilitation/skills training. The selected interns will be provided access to psychiatric wards, Special-needs school, drug rehab centre etc.., that will uplift the theoretical knowledge through direct observation and appropriate involvement with supervision. The selected group will be proceeding with the placement according to a structured schedule that involves interactive sessions at esteemed institutions such as the ‘MJF Charitable Foundation’, ‘Chitra Lane School for Special Needs’, ‘Mel Medura’, ‘Naganandha University Psychotherapy Clinic’, and ‘NCCCPD Rajagiriya’. The interns would also have weekly supervision sessions facilitated by Psychologists.