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Past Interns

Batch of October – December 2018.

Samutth?na provides an opportunity for Psychology students to experiment varied venues found in the field, one of the main reasons for us to choose this place to Intern. This institution conducts workshops, awareness campaigns and creative therapy programmes for adults. Self-learning is encouraged by Samutth?na where we as Interns were taught different methods to educate people on the topic of Psychology through different programmes. The experience gained throughout the Internship period has expanded our knowledge within the mental health field. We were given the opportunity to work with Social Workers, Doctors, Nurses, Psychiatrists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Counsellors (who helps the addicts and prisoners), children with learning disabilities, Consultants, Attendants, Teachers and Underprivileged children acquiring experience in the clinical field as well.

Team Samutth?na is comprised of friendly and supportive staff which made our internship programme quite interesting and worthwhile. They were always available to render their support and help us throughout. Two of the key lessons learnt during this programme was to be always aware of the growing knowledge found in this field of mental health and that we have always have the power in us to make a change, but in order to get there we need to make sure we learn something new every day.