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"Who We are is a Reflection of What We Do"


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Child & Adolescent Psychology


Current Board of Directors

Dr Shamil Wanigaratne
Consultant Clinical Psychologist
Dr Mahesan Ganesan
Consultant Psychiatrist
Dr. Rekha Atththidiye
Clinical Psychologist
Ms. Roshan Dhammapala
Prof. Ravindra Fernando
Forensic Pathologist / Toxicologist
Dr Isuri Dharmarathne
Acting CEO

Past Board of Directors

The Late Manouri Muttetuwegama
Barrister and Attorney-at-Law
The Late Anula Nikapota
Child Psychiatrist
Dr Shamil Wanigaratne
Consultant Clinical Psychologist
Dr Isuri Dharmaratne
Dr Mahesan Ganesan
Consultant Psychiatrist
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Warrior is a project initiated by Samutthana (, as a support system for those who seek help to overcome psychological distress. Which began as an online campaign proceeding to the ‘International Suicide Prevention Day’ on the 10th of September.

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