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Addiction Clinic

6 years ago · · Comments Off on Addiction Clinic

Addiction Clinic

Lunawa Hospital off Moratuwa

  • Mainly set up to treat pharmacologically for withdrawal symptoms
  • Heroin addiction is at its highest level in this region
  • A few cannabis and alcohol addicts also come for treatment
  • The local Magistrate of this area refers many addicts to this clinic
  • Some come due to the persuasion by their families
  • Many come on their own initiative
  • Provides psychological assistance for motivation, social acceptance and financial management
  • Educates the carers (Parents, Spouses or Guardians) to deal with and facilitate the addict through difficult periods when intense pain occurs.
  • Mainly facilitated by volunteer psychologists / counsellors
  • Mr Duminda Wanigasekera of Samutthana facilitates the training of Psychological intervention through Counsellors and Carers and provides supervision for them.
  • He also trains SLV’s British Psychological graduates to gain knowledge and insight on treatment for addiction

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